Bambi - Taken - Andrew Garfield

AGE: 17 - Junior

Meet Bambi, the “prince”. Bambis home life was a little less then fun. With his father always gone on military trips he was basically raised by his mother. Bambi was sheltered and shy, he never really had the dad to look up to. As he grew up he made a few friends but they were more of in school friends then out of school friends. Bambi spent everyday going to school and coming home. Just the way his mother wanted. He didnt mind because he didnt know anything else. His mother was so broken since her husband was gone all the time that she couldnt let her little boy leave her. Unfortunately he wasnt the one to leave, she was. Bambis mother was on her way home and got in a horrible car accident. She was almost dead on impact and Bambi was left with nothing. Just a house, and his father who he never saw. Once the funeral was over Bambi and his father were alone in the empty house. His father had no place for Bambi in his life and decided to send him to Disney Prep. Bambi is lost and scared, the only life he knew is gone and he is basically alone. This wasnt okay with him though. Bambi couldnt let himself live like this. As hard as it was to get over his mother, he still had a father to impress. Strength was the goal for Bambi. Live his life like his mother…and father would want him to. Be a fighter not a coward. Hopefully Disney Prep will give him this…or at least a push in the right direction.

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