Love the boys from One Direction?

Check out these open characters!

Figaro (Liam Payne FC) - Open

Squirt (Niall Horan FC) - Open

Nemo (Louis Tomlinson FC) - Open

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Look at our other open characters.

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Squirt - Taken - Niall Horan

AGE: 15 - freshman

Meet Squirt, totally awesome dude. Another student coming from abroad Squirt hails from the land down under. Referring to himself as a totally awesome dude Squirt is the party man. His trip to the states is 100% due to the ERC surfing club. Joining them for their world tour Squirt thought it would be all fun and no down time. Well being the youngest of the team they needed him to get an education first. Missing out on what he thought was going to be the best time of his life Squirt is a little upset. Shipped off to New Hampshire Squirt is looking for a new type of fun. Anything really. Totally awesome dude cant fade away just because his is away from his home. Let hope Disney Prep is ready for little party boy squirt.

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Bruce - Open - Iwan Rheon

AGE: 17 - Junior

Meet Bruce, the boy who wanted to make friends and not enemies. Coming from a family with a reputation Bruce fit right in. Big brooding group of boys just following in their fathers footsteps. Bruces father was the city police chief and he taught his sons to be just like him. Raised a tough guy Bruce got himself into some fights. Ever since he was about 10 he has been pushing peoples buttons. This was until when he was 16. Bruce took it a bit too far and taunted and beat a kid senseless. Ruining his families ’reputation’ he was put in jail. Juvenal hall actually. Not old enough to go to real jail and it always helps when your father is the police chief. Well as Bruce finished his short sentence he wanted to turn over a new leaf. Try to make friends with those he would usually take down. Before he was given the chance his father had him a first class ticket to Disney Prep. From jail to boarding school. Will Bruce keep his self made promise or will the move rattle some old feathers.

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Nemo - taken - Louis Tomlinson

AGE: 16 - Sophomore

Meet Nemo, the lost boy. Ever since his mother passed, his father had been strict with his upbringing. Three meals a day, curfew at seven, and bedtime at nine. His life was like clockwork and the little freedom that he did get was still monitored by his dad. It was alright when he was eight but now that Nemo is sixteen, it has become embarassing for him to maintain a normal social life. One day, Nemo decided to stay out late with his friends, ignoring his father’s demands to come home early and when he finally came home, he and his father got into a row. Unable to take his father’s strict rules anymore, Nemo packed up his belongings and ran away. A year of living in homeless shelters and stealing and begging for, he was caught by the police for stealing from the local convenience store. They discovered he was underaged and he was sent back home only to find that his father had already moved away to lose his son’s trail.  The next best choice was to send him to Disney Prep instead. But Nemo had his taste of freedom and he wanted it back.

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Sheldon - open - Jesse Eisenberg

AGE: 18 - Senior

Meet Sheldon, the one who always seems to be sick. Ever since he was a little boy Sheldon has had an issue with germs. Attracting them and such. His parents being a little over protective had him covered in ointment and cream since he was a toddler. Now Sheldon never really asked what he was allergic too he just assumed his parents were right. Spending his whole life afraid that he might catch something else he always told people he was around to be careful. People in his high school always thought he was okay. He wasnt a total nerd he just came off as one. Well this was a slight problem for the school jocks. Pulling a senior prank they focused it directly on poor Sheldon. During a school assembly they poured a huge bucket or the local ponds water all over him. Drenched in gross water Sheldon started to freak out! Sneezing and grabbing his bag he ran out of the gym. Over protective parents pulled him from the school and signed him up for boarding school. Disney Prep was prestigious and sounded like a perfect match for their son. The only question is…is Disney Prep ready for Sheldon…the hypochondriac?

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Meet Landon, the boy search for something more. Landon spent his entire life roaming the west with his grandparents. They were paleontologists and toted him around everywhere they went. Landon wasnt a fan of the life he was living. Every time they would pass a town he would see kids his age and wish he had their life. He would beg his grandparents to let him stay in a town  a few miles from their camp just so he can get some type of social life, but they would always say, ” no Little Foot, its too dangerous.” Landon got fed up with their answer so he made his own solution, and this is why he was sent to Animated Academy.

Disney Prep - Landon “Little Foot”

Face: Alexander Gould

Most the transfers from Animated Academy have already made it…what about little foot!

Disney Prep is always accepting auditions! Feel free to audition for more then one at a time!


Disney Prep is a VERY active role play!

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