Name: Tulio
FC: Robert Sheeran
Age: 17
Grade: Junior
Transfer Student: Animated Academy
Status: Open

Meet Tulio, the gambler. Tulio has lived a relatively normal life. He had a nice family and grew up with nice things. He had great friends and everything was basically going right for Tulio. Once he got over the sophomore year hump in high school his life started to get exciting. Tulio is from the wonderful city called, Atlantic City. The east coasts Las Vegas. Tulio and his friends would hang out downtown always trying to party. Well one night they got lucky. Somehow they were inside the casino. Tulio started to play. He played everything - if it was there he tried to play. After only a few tries he started to win, and he won money. Tulio was hooked. Not with the game but with the money. After that night its all he could think about. Money Money Money. He didn’t want to go to the casino to see the girls and party he wanted to go get the money and run. His friends started to notice this pattern and they tried to snap him out of it but they couldnt. Instead the resorted to his parents. After finding out Tulios parents were worried for their son. They didnt want him to feen money. He was only 17. The pulled him out of school. They wanted to keep a close eye on him, until they found Animated Academy. Tulio was sent there at the beginning of the year. It was a change for him but once the school was attacked and shut down he was furious. Animated was his new home, he was getting over his problem and he had made a few friends. Now being sent to Disney Prep, Tulio has no interest in being there. He doesnt want the change.

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