Dori - open - Lauren Conrad

AGE: 18 - Senior

Meet Dori, the one who forgets. Coming from the bustling land of Arizona we get Dori. The girl who really is forgetful. She is a pretty girl and she is fun to be around but he suffers from a disease called, ” short term memory loss.” Now it might sound serious but she is known to push past it. Dori doesn’t like her little problem so she tries to improve herself at any chance she can get. At her old school Dori really didn’t have a lot of friends. It started out because she would never remember them, but now that she is older its because people think she is weird. Now when most people think weird they think eccentric and just out there but that wasnt Dori at all…people just didnt understand her. He forgetfulness and lack of ability to really start up real personal relationships was a huge send off. Once people got past it she was always there to be a good friend…just a little slow at remembering the details. This is just Dori. People just never really gave her a chance. Instead of sulking in her quirkiness she just makes her own fun. Now everything cant be perfect and Dori had a little mishap. To say the least. Being as lovely as she is guys started to notice her and because of her odd condition they felt like they could use her. Out on a date Dori was enthused. Finally living like a girl her age. Until the guy got forceful. Using her memory against her Dori got herself into a bad bad situation. Being told she said it was okay but she just couldnt remember Dori woke up the next morning in front of her house; clothes ripped and bruised. With no recollection Dori went to her parents lost and broken. Disney Prep was the only answer. A place where their daughter would be safe and could have a new start where people wouldnt use her. Now Dori is indifferent about this whole thing. If people did it one place they will do it again. Now trying to fight her disease Dori is coming to Disney Prep ready to be strong and on her own. Nobody can use her again..

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Dori is open.

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