Meet Violet, the invisible. Living with a family that is full of talent Violet always felt like she was invisible. Actually she sometimes believed that she really was invisible. To her family she was just Violet. Her mother tried to make her the perfect daughter but quickly gave up at Violets lack of enthusiasm. Violet started to keep to herself even more once high school started. She didnt go out of her way to make friends and she didnt talk to boys. She would watch them and form crushes but blush at the fact of just talking to them. As she got older people started to notice her. Not for her beauty, not for her personality…but for her oddities. Violet was always by herself and kids started to poke fun at her. It would build up and build up until one day Violet snapped. It was one day at lunch when she just went ‘nuts’. Violet walked to her normal corner table, as she sat down she became the laughing stalk of the cafeteria. Violet looked around and noticed that her seat was covered in food and dirty things. She sat there and almost cried until another emotion came over her. She charged the ‘popular girl’ who started the laugh and she slammed her over the head with her lunch tray. Violet stood there fumeing and was dragged to the principles office. After hearing what their daughter did her parents decided to send her away. She was bringing down the name of the family and they were ashamed of their ‘invisible daughter.” Violet is indifferent about her move to Disney Prep. She knows she can blend in well but does she really want to now? She has this new form of confidence…maybe she will use it. Someone has to like the quirky Violet right?

Violet Parr - FC: Ellen Page

Disney Prep is a very active Role Play with alot of open characters.

Come check it out!

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