Sheldon - open - Jesse Eisenberg

AGE: 18 - Senior

Meet Sheldon, the one who always seems to be sick. Ever since he was a little boy Sheldon has had an issue with germs. Attracting them and such. His parents being a little over protective had him covered in ointment and cream since he was a toddler. Now Sheldon never really asked what he was allergic too he just assumed his parents were right. Spending his whole life afraid that he might catch something else he always told people he was around to be careful. People in his high school always thought he was okay. He wasnt a total nerd he just came off as one. Well this was a slight problem for the school jocks. Pulling a senior prank they focused it directly on poor Sheldon. During a school assembly they poured a huge bucket or the local ponds water all over him. Drenched in gross water Sheldon started to freak out! Sneezing and grabbing his bag he ran out of the gym. Over protective parents pulled him from the school and signed him up for boarding school. Disney Prep was prestigious and sounded like a perfect match for their son. The only question is…is Disney Prep ready for Sheldon…the hypochondriac?

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