Pearl - open - Chloe Mortez

AGE: 16 - Sophomore

Meet Pearl, the innocent until proven guilty. Pearl has been the apple of her daddies eye ever since she was a little girl. She was cute and innocent in his eyes. Pearl always did the right thing and was always a cute as could be. High school was a breeze for her too. Being the cute little girl she just floated around, she even would ask people if they thought she was cute. Now this was always a but of a cover. Pearl always had another agenda. She would sneak around a bit and cause some trouble. The only problem with this was that she never wanted to be called out for it. Pearl always wanted to be known as the cute little daddys girl. After her last little adventure she was called out. Completely embarrassed she ran to her dad upset. Not crying just embarrassed, her cover was blown. Seeing his daughter upset he decided she deserved a better school experience. Disney Prep. Will this boarding school be the right fit for daddys little angel or will it drive her to be a bigger trouble maker.

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