Bruce - Open - Iwan Rheon

AGE: 17 - Junior

Meet Bruce, the boy who wanted to make friends and not enemies. Coming from a family with a reputation Bruce fit right in. Big brooding group of boys just following in their fathers footsteps. Bruces father was the city police chief and he taught his sons to be just like him. Raised a tough guy Bruce got himself into some fights. Ever since he was about 10 he has been pushing peoples buttons. This was until when he was 16. Bruce took it a bit too far and taunted and beat a kid senseless. Ruining his families ’reputation’ he was put in jail. Juvenal hall actually. Not old enough to go to real jail and it always helps when your father is the police chief. Well as Bruce finished his short sentence he wanted to turn over a new leaf. Try to make friends with those he would usually take down. Before he was given the chance his father had him a first class ticket to Disney Prep. From jail to boarding school. Will Bruce keep his self made promise or will the move rattle some old feathers.

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