Shenzi - Open - Katie Cassidy

Age: 17 - Junior

Meet Shenzi, the selfish one. Shenzi grew up with her father and two brothers. One older and one younger, the younger one was a little special. Shenzi was raised to be strong and independent, but she really didnt care for that to much. Shenzi was more interested in her own life and what she was doing. Always trying to make herself look better without trying. At her old school she wasnt one of the popular girls. Always trying to get into that group she almost thrived off it actually. Pushing her way to them. Shenzi was always going to be an outsider. This obsession really is why she is at Disney Prep. It was the end of winter break and Shenzi was bound and determined to go to the popular new years party. Not getting an invite she looked past it. Getting her friends together she schemed a plan. To take over the party. To just get inside. Nobody ever said anything to her about her obsessive personality but she wouldnt stop even if they said anything. Shenzi stood outside the party. Watching the popular girls arrive in their limos she watched from afar. As the plan was set into motion Shenzi took the most popular girl into her own hands. Not wanting to just belong, she wanted to actually be her. She wanted to have the girls life. Stalking her through the party Shenzi finally got her alone. Slipping some pills into the girls drink in the bathroom her own plan was set. After the night was over Shenzi had the girl drugged with her in a taxi. Trying to make her own life better without really trying she got caught. It was noticed that the girl was missing and Shenzis finger prints were all over it. Found with the girl she was quickly arressted. Her father furious had to send her away. Shenzi was pissed. More then pissed actually. She had gotten by without doing anything and almost had her final plan set. Disney Prep might help Shenzi get over whatever he issue is or it might just send her into another craze.

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