Flit |OC|- Open - Riker Lynch

AGE: 16 - Sophomore

Meet Flit, the protective. Growing up he had a ton of siblings. His parents loved them all, but they tended to work a lot so the children had to work together to take care of each other. The whole horde of them were pretty outgoing and together they made a rather wild bunch, but Flit was the voice of reason. Don’t get me wrong, he could go crazy and party as much as the rest of them, but he was the one who knew when enough was enough and how far too far was. He was fiercely protective of his sisters and insisted on intimidating every boy they were interested in. Of course, it didn’t really work. It was hard to be intimidated by smiley, goofy Flit. He tried to appear stern and responsible, but in side he’s really just a big goober. In retaliation, his siblings loved to gang up on him, grilling anyone who came to call before they could go out with him. It didn’t matter if it was a girl or a boy he was dating at the time, they loved to ask them embarrassing questions to determine if they were worthy of their brother. One day his siblings wild behavior went to far and they ended up literally burning the house down. Not wanting his siblings to get in trouble, Flit took all the heat for it and accepted his parents punishment for him. He was sent across the country, far away from his home in Las Vegas to Disney Prep so that he could learn responsibility, a skill they thought he was lacking

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