Oliver - taken - Harry Styles

AGE: 15 - Freshman

Meet Oliver, the boy that just wanted a home. Like most of the people here at Disney Prep Oliver never really had a home. He started his life with his family until his mother gave him and his brother and sisters up for adoption. She sent them to a low end adoption agency who split them up. Oliver never saw his brothers and sisters again after that last day with his mother. Oliver spend almost his first 6 years living in an orphanage where he was adopted by an odd family. This family already had 7 other adopted children and the dad used them to work at the family dump. Oliver lived with them until he was about 12 when he ran away. Oliver had nowhere to go. He was living on the streets when he met a group of kids. He fell into their group  and ended up squatting with a few of them at an abandoned warehouse. Cops found them living there and Oliver unfortunately couldn’t out run the cops. With no family and no where to go, the State of New York decided to send him to Disney Prep. Now on his way here Oliver is optimistic about his new life, he hopes that maybe he can find a new family…one that actually wants him.

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