Napoleon -|30| open - Paul Rudd

Grounds Keeper

Meet Napoleon, the one who thinks he is a leader. Still at Disney Prep, Napoleon and his high school buddy Layfyette have kinda just stuck around. Patrolling the grounds for problems and well…garbage the two are a match made in somewhat heaven. Napoleon was sent to Disney Prep when he was in High School. Alot like the other teachers and adults at the school. Why was he sent there? Because his parents had nothing else for him. He was always just the kid on the side. Now that he was a grown up Napoleon pushed his past away. Being the head of the grounds he finally feels accomplished. His job isnt high and mighty but he has ranks of his buddy and thats all that matters. Napoleon isnt mean or anything just  somewhat of comic relief. Friends with the rest of the male teachers Napoleon is always seen with Lafyette. Giving him orders that is.

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